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As the inaugural Faculty Director of the campus-wide organization Entrepreneurship at Cornell, I am tasked with coordinating curriculum across our campuses and degree programs. Cornell offers approximately 100 Entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and executive levels. Undergraduates majoring in business may concentrate in Entrepreneurship, and all other undergraduates may Minor in Entrepreneurship. 

My own teaching involves a course regarding critical organizational-design dilemmas for entrepreneurs including co-founder selection, equity splits, hiring/firing, and founder/CEO replacement. This course is now offered at Cornell in four versions: for undergraduates, Ithaca-based MBAs, Cornell Tech MBAs, and as a required course for our Executive MBAs. I also helped to create and co-teach a new, introductory "Entrepreneurial Mindset" for entering MBA students, which attracted more than half of the enrolling class. I have also taught Technology Strategy and various Executive Education courses including tactical hiring. 

I am a deep believer in use the case method for engaging classroom discussion, but only if it is equitably and carefully administered. I have developed a seven-step method for ensuring equity in participation grading, which I have taught to hundreds of fellow instructors. 


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